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PUMPART SYSTEM is revolutionizing

plastic tubes

Innovative packaging designed for

rich, thick and sensitive creams

A dose of fresh cream with a single click

Tubairless® offers a unique set of advantages : 

  • Freshness of the cream better preserved 

  • Easy dispensing of thick formulas

  • High evacuation rate, 95%

  • Use in all positions, 360°

  • Control of the flow and size of each dose 

  • Retention of the shape and ergonomics

  • "pump-free" so eco-friendly
  • Exclusive and patented

  • Simple and smart

TUBAIRLESS® ensures easy evacuation of at least 20% more cream than conventional tubes deliver, particularly for very viscous formulas (up to 200,000 cps).

With each pressure on the venthole, a dose of cream comes out immediately, without priming and in all positions.

The dosage is controlled by the duration of the pressure. Comfort and ease of use are permanent, from the first to the last day, regardless of the amount of cream remaining in the tube.


Tubairless® delivers 20% more cream than a conventional tubes.

Even empty, Tubairless® has retained its original appearance and shape. The visual of the brand and the ergonomics of pacakging remain intact until the last dose.

Do not let the values of your brand stuck in a classic tube!

Tubairless is available from 50 ml to 150 ml,
in diameters 35 mm and 40 mm.

Sizes 50 to 150 ml - Simple.png
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