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Innovative packaging designed for rich, thick and sensitive creams.

  • masks,

  • balms,

  • exfoliators,

  • BB-creams,

  • toothpaste,
  • haircare gels,

  • hand creams,

  • sun protections,

  • hair conditionners,

  • etc....

Here are few examples of brands that have adopted Tubairless

Bioderma Xereane Cicabio Front Back.png

"-TubAirlessTM packaging limits the risk of contamination;

 - Squeeze the tube to get a dose of cream;

 -The cream delivered is not replaced by air, thanks to the non-return system;

 -There is no contact between the product and the environment."

" When I saw this innovative new tube, I knew it would be perfect for my Bébé line! It literally solved all my problems in one squeeze! It keeps all of our organic Bébé formulas safe from contamination because it is completely airless, allowing us to safely reduce the level of preservatives in the product base. It dispenses perfectly down to the last drop, never loses its shape and stands up without toppling over. Plus it's 100% recyclable. "

Olivia Chantecaille

CEO Chantecaille Beauty


" A patented packaging (made in France) allowing a low use of preservatives, while using high quality ingredients "

Linda Berkani

Dir. R&D, CCI Production


" A new, more hygienic tube, the desired amount comes out easily."

"An impressive tube, you press the pump on the back and the product comes out immediately, with a very precise dosage."


Social influencers, beauty bloggers 

« The best-selling formula has been re-packaged into an airless tube, meaning every last drop of product is delivered as smoothly as the first. »

Sarah Brown


" Enclosed in an Airless tube to ensure optimal preservation of its active ingredients, Crème de Soin à l’Amarante is a 100% natural, plant-based preservation solution which contains no synthetic preservatives. "

David Brooks


« Its innovative airless tube protects the formula and the environment. This type of packaging makes it possible to better preserve the product while delivering the entire content of the tube. »

Virginie Vinet


AURELIA PROBIOTIC SKINCARE chose Tubairless to launch the 50 ml version of its multiple awards winning Miracle Cleanser

"A new generation airless packaging - This clever vacuum style packaging makes the product easy to use and ensures we get every last bit out of the tube! It also means that the tube will look as good on the day that you finish your product as it is on the day you start it, no crumpled or flattened tubes here!

By using airless packaging we are able to deliver the product without air return- this can extend the products’ shelf life and means less chemical preservatives are needed."

Marketing director, KATHERINE DANIELS

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