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TubAirfree® is a lightweight, squeezable and cost effective innovative packaging that offers similar features as traditional rigid airless packs for light and fine natural formulas :

  • formulas preservation,

  • easy-dispensing,

  • 360° application,

  • full evacuation (no waste !),

  • shape and ergonomics retention. 

TubAirfree® is up-to 5 times ligther than common rigid bottles with pump.

Two Packaging Innovation Awards winners, GAPLAST and PUMPART SYSTEM join forces and combine their IP to create a unique packaging solution.

A dose of fresh cream with a single click

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TubAirfree® is a variant of TubAirless®, the technology that bridges the gap between squeezable tubes, soft pouches and Airless pump bottles.


TubAirless® was designed for natural and thick products (up to 200,000 cps) and has been successfully adopted by many cosmetic brands for masks, exfoliators, hand creams, sunscreens, etc.


Cosmetic brands want to go further and apply this technology to more fluid and very sensitive products. Therefore, Tubairless® had to be complemented to maximize the performance for fluid formulas such as lotions, fine face creams, shampoos, shower gels, etc.


Gaplast developped a dispensing device including one-way valve for bottles. However, this technology has never been released. 


Pumpart System and Gaplast joined forces and shared their IP in order to adapt exclusively the dispensing device to Tubairless® design. TubAirfree® was born !  made of only 5 lightweight plastic components.


Gaplast’s valve-in-cap helps to control the flow of fluid products providing a clean product cut-off. The design of the one-way valve ensures optimized preservation of sensitive formulas.


TubAirfree® is available from 40 ml to 150 ml in diameter 35 mm and 40 mm.

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  • Enhanced product preservation

  • Improved flow and dosage control

  • Clean product cut-off

  • Metal-free dispensing system

  • After-use disassembly possible facilitating recycling

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